Students will be working with self-drying clay in order to learn how to manipulate this media using a caliper and molding tools. In this course each students will be allotted time to practice using a manual potters wheel! A ‘Viewing of Creations’ will be extended to family following class on the final day

Little Critters

Get ready to get messy! Young artists will be creating a paper maché sculpture-in-the-round of an animal of their choosing. Students will first make colored pencil sketches from a photo reference, then construct an armature to which they will apply modeling material. We will then paint our lil’ critters for a life-like effect.

Mini Sculpture Series

Young artists will be working on three fun sculpture projects using clay and various medias. A live animal presentation will help us with our animal study. This is a great course for artists that like to work with their hands.

Sculpture I

Students will be using various modeling material to create bas relief and sculpture-in-the-round. Emphasis will be placed on constructing art that has a 3-dimenional appeal, working well on all sides. Plasticine as a means of illustration will also be explored. Families are invited to  ‘A Viewing of Creations’ following class on the last day.’

Sculpture II

In this hands-on art class, students will explore sculpture-in-the-round using stoneclay and paper maché. Bas relief will also be featured, implementing plaster of Paris and papercut sculpture as a means to this end. A live animal will be presented to benefit out artists for the anatomy study segment of the session. No previous experience is required. Family and friends are invited to ‘A Viewing of Creations’ following class on the final day with refreshments to be served.

Sculpture III

In this sculpture camp we will be celebrating the whimsical works of sculptor Niki de Saint-Phalle and learning about her diverse contribution to the world. Each day we will walk away with a new way of thinking about art and how it can be constructed! Included explorations are mosaics and self-drying clay (which we will later paint).
We will also be working with sand and sawdust as a means of creating gargoyle masks and little lambs. Students are encouraged to use their imagination in this hands-on camp. Family and friends are invited to ‘A Viewing of Creations’ following class on the last day.

String Sculpture

Artists will create a mobile by constructing a balance of nature found objects, coloured sand and string ‘bubbles’ made of twine and brown wheat flour with the help of balloons. Students will be learning about the importance of the fulcrum and the part it plays in the ability to maintain a line of gravity.  Family and friends are invited to ‘A Viewing of Creations’ following class on the last day.