Anime Character Drawing

Students interested in manga cartooning will be working on facial and full-body expression. This will be a good opportunity to pick up some valuable pointers to help your characters come to life.


These Japanese characters are little people with big emotions. Chibis are extra cute and very fun to draw!

Faeries and Elvin Folk

Let’s get ready for the Holidays by learning to draw some playful elves and some friendly, furry elfin and animal sidekicks. If you enjoy drawing these fantasy creatures, come join us to learn a few tricks of the trade in the manga-style of cartooning.

Japanese Cartooning I

This art class will give Manga/Anime fans the unique opportunity to learn many techniques and improve their skills on Japanese drawing. Beginner and intermediate artists will gain experience in drawing a variety of genres.

Japanese Cartooning II

This cartooning class will focus on casting students’ Japanese characters in various settings in order to emphasize impact. Perspective will also be taught as well.

Japanese Cartooning Camp

Manga fans will be learning some valuable skills to make their characters come to life. We will also be examining a different genre each day including chibi, shoujo, and villains. Students will be designing their own storyboard complete with inking and “zip texture” to create a professional finish. A gallery show will be presented to family and friends following class on the final day with refreshments to be served.

Knights & Horses

Heroes and their mighty steeds will become easier to draw when you acquire a few helpful hints along the way to cartooning in the Japanese style.

Magical Heroes

In this Manga class we will learn how to draw the special effects of magical powers that emanate from our magical heroes. Let’s draw them too!


These cute characters, mischievous by nature, are favorites among manga/anime readers. Young cartoonists will delight in learning how to draw these pet-like beings.

Mecha Robots

Young artists will be drawing how to draw these high-tech robots in this fun, easy-to-learn drawing class. We will even be trying our hand at an animal robot.

Mutant Monsters

Let’s have our manga heroes meet the mutants! We will be working on designing our own eerie creatures who possess incredible powers.


Let’s draw Manga pirates! Students will learn to draw these scallywags in the shiny-eyed style that is quickly becoming the most popular cartoon styles in the nation.


Young artists will be learning how to draw this best-loved manga style, popular world-wide for its big brilliant-eyed characters.


These cartoon characters are powerful, sneaky, greedy, and so much fun do draw! (In this class we will also be drawing a nasty dragon.)