Chalk Pastels

Students will explore the media of chalk pastels while learning the basic rules of value and composition. Landscape, still life and self-portrait drawing are areas young artists will work on in this skill developing class. As part of our live animal study, students will be creating a habitat for a little mouse which they will then sketch gesture drawing of on toned paper. From these sketches they will create a final drawing.

Colored Pencils

Aspiring young art students will be introduced to various artists while developing basic skills in colored pencil drawing. In this class, each student will be given a live goldfish to draw for live animal study, with the option of keeping it.

Drawing 101

In this drawing class young artists gain a strong foundation in the basics. Concentration is placed on value, basic unit of measure, negative space, grid drawing and perspective. Facial proportion will also be taught in a self-portrait exercise.

Students taking this course more than once embark on such themes as 3 quarter profile, figure drawing, one point perspective. Pupils also work in two-point perspective, stippling, cross-hatching and design elements.

Drawing Conté

Conté and pastel pencils will be the media explored while students learn the principals of value and perspective. We will also be exploring a live animal drawing.

Oil Pastels

Art students will learn technique of chiaroscuro (contrast of light against dark) and sgraffito (scratching into a layer of color revealing under the surface) while working on various projects.