Chalk Pastels

Students will explore the media of chalk pastels while learning the basic rules of value and composition. Landscape, still life and self-portrait drawing are areas young artists will work on in this skill developing class. As part of our live animal study, students will be creating a habitat for a little mouse which they will then sketch gesture drawing of on toned paper. From these sketches they will create a final drawing.

Colored Pencils

Aspiring young art students will be introduced to various artists while developing basic skills in colored pencil drawing. In this class, each student will be given a live goldfish to draw for live animal study, with the option of keeping it.

Drawing I

In this drawing class young artists will gain a strong foundation in the basics. Concentration will be placed on value, basic unit of measure, negative space, grid drawing and perspective. Facial proportion will also be taught in a self-portrait exercise. A Gallery Opening & Ice-Cream Social will be presented to family and friend following class of the final day.

Drawing II

Students enlisting Drawing I for the 2nd time will embark on such themes as 3 quarter profile, figure drawing, one point perspective, calligraphy, decorative illumination, and pen and ink drawings. A Gallery Opening and Ice-Cream social will be presented to family and friends on the last day of classes.

Drawing III

Our 3rd year participants will be working in two-point perspective, stippling, cross-hatching and the application of gold leaf to their selected subject of drawing design.  A Gallery Opening and ice-Cream Social will be presented to family and friends following class on the final day.

Drawing Conte

Conte and pastel pencils will be the media explored while students learn the principals of value and perspective. We will also be exploring a live animal drawing.

Oil Pastels

Art students will learn technique of chiaroscuro (contrast of light against dark) and sgraffito (scratching into a layer of color revealing under the surface) while working on various projects. A gallery presentation and Ice Cream Social will be presented to family and friends following class on the final day.

Pastel Pencils

Young artists will be working with the brilliant colors of pastel pencils while learning the basic principles of drawing. A live animal will be presented and students will participate in a Gallery Showing of their work following class on the final day. Family and friends will be invited and refreshments will be served.