Terms & Conditions

The participant, on behalf of himself or herself as the participant, or as a parent or guardian on behalf on him/herself and said participant (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Participant”) hereby assumes all responsibility for the Participant while he/she/they enrolled in and/or participating in and/or present during and/or coming to or from activities sponsored by or conducted on or in the property of The Artist Apprentice or of any of its co-sponsors, licensees or lessees, and the Participant, in consideration of said participation, hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Artist’s Apprentice and all of its past and present Employees, students, Volunteers, Co-sponsors, Licensees and Lessees, and all of their heirs, successors, agents and assigns, (Hereinafter all collectively referred to as “The Artist’s Apprentice”) of and from all liability of any nature and kind (including but not limited to liability for personal injury of property damage or damages, actual costs, and actual attorney fees incurred and/or paid to avoid, settle or satisfy a claim) arising out of or resulting from, whether in whole or in part, said activities or the actions and/or omissions of the Participant or The Artist’s Apprentice. In the event of any injury to any of the Participant, permission is hereby given to The Artist’s Apprentice to authorize that first aid and medical attention be given to the Participant who is injured. The Participant represent(s) and warrant(s) that the individual on whose behalf this document has been signed in this good physical condition and health and able to participate in the activity which may be the subject hereof and the Participant acknowledge(s) and agree(s) that said activity may be injurious and will likely require the assistance of unscreened and/or untrained volunteers and individuals. Photographs may be taken by the Artist’s Apprentice at activities, and, unless the instructor receives a signed, written objection from the Participant, photographs may be reproduced for publication. The Participant hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive any notice of any liability for which indemnity may be sought by The Artist’s Apprentice and the Participant agree that the obligation to indemnify shall survive the end of and participation which gave rise thereto. Furthermore, the Participant understands that classes are non-refundable and make-up days, although encouraged, are not guaranteed.