The Artist Apprentice offers an affordable and  a wide variety of art mediums for children of all ages.  With the limited funds of public schools, the exposure to art classes is very limited.  If you have a child who is creative and loves to do art this is the studio for you!   My daughter Samantha started attending at age 7 and is now 11 yrs old drawing beautiful portraits of people and is currently working on baby portraits.  This studio has a positive environment and allows the students to be creative and explore their talent in many areas.  Pamela is open minded and has a knack of motivating the students by letting the students choose a piece that interests them and learn the correct techniques at the same time.  We are lucky to have this studio within the Clarkston area and we thank Pamela for all her hard work and dedication to the arts! 
Jennifer S.

Clarkston, MI

I took a few private classes with The Artist’s Apprentice about 5 years ago with my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter. I was so impressed with the patience and knowledge of teaching Pamela had with kids. She truly made our classes exciting with breaks outside to her pond and ice cream treats. Now my kids are teens and we still think about those amazing art classes. I am planning another group art class soon and I’m so excited that Pamela will be our instructor!!!!!
Susan Waldowski

My kids did the clay sculpting class through SLPR and absolutely loved it.

Jeff Tirrell

Pamela has been outstanding for my daughter’s artistry. My daughter has flourished so much since we started seeing Pam in the beginning of the year. Pamela is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and can get my daughter to try her technique(s). She is a wonderful teacher and person ❤
Tiffany Last

My daughter has been to several of the classes that Pamela offers through the LO Parks and Rec program. She has done her painting classes, sculpture classes etc. Pretty much whatever class is offered that works with our schedule, is what my daughter wants to do. She has such fun getting to explore and learn about different forms of art. The classes are normally smaller in size which offers a more intimate experience, which we appreciate – better to learn! We would highly recommend these classes and definitely plan to do more of them as they are offered.
Hillary Snyder

My kids loved sculpture camp!
Claire Drury Reynolds

We had a wonderful group session a couple weeks ago! Pamela was patient and kind with the kids. She offered questions and direction rather than forcing their art to be a certain way. It was so wonderful in a COVID world to be outside, painting and letting the girls creativity come through. Fun activity and instruction!
Christine Denham

My 13 year old daughter just completed a week long camp with Pam. I was impressed at her ability to encourage my daughter out of her comfort zone. My daughter had a great time and really increased her artistic skill and confidence.
Bonnie Knoppe

My granddaughter has taken several classes with Miss Pamela! Her love of art and teaching is obvious and my granddaughter is always anxious to go back and learn something new! Would recommend trying a class!!
Sharon Hogan

My daughter and I attended a multi-week class.  We both loved it and made Mother’s Day gift for my wife.  Love the class, great teacher.

Three of my children have taken classes from Mrs. Palmer for more than three years. Pamela’s approach with the children is gentle and patient and we have been so impressed with the progression of our children’s works over the years. She creates interesting and engaging class themes and effortlessly coaxes the creative side out of even the most reluctant young artist. She is flexible in scheduling and I have recommended her classes to other families many times over. She is a true asset to the art education of my children and my youngest is eagerly awaiting his chance to begin classes at the studio!
Rebecca A.

Ortonville, MI

We planned an event for our girl scout troop with Pamela at Artist’s Apprentice. She was very responsive regarding any questions, pricing was good and our girls loved their finished pieces! She worked with us so we could have a safe activity outside during a time it is challenging to gather in groups. Thanks Pamela!
Pamela Shields

Pamela has a lot of great art choices in classes and camps that make it fun for the kids to enjoy. During her time at Clarkston Family Farm, she had a great class of kids who were excited to paint or draw. Pamela was great with the kids, while they learned how to paint and ask questions about art. Plus there were bunnies! My daughter has been training with Pamela one-on-one for a few years now. My daughter is 18 and is looking to attend college, and to seek Art as a career. Pamela has a deep knowledge of art and media, as well as future advancement in art. If you have questions on what the student needs to do for school, Pamela is a great resource. With Pamela, my daughter has excelled in Graphic Art and has enjoyed the various different art media, and working with Pamela.
Jason Brehmer

I have known Pamela for a few years and she is such a wonderful person who has great moral character, a desire to teach children and help them develop their artistic skills which helps build confidence. Seeing others succeed brings her joy and it is easy to see that her passion is helping bring out the best in others.
Diane Paris-Kish

I can not say enough wonderful things about Pamela Palmer. I have hired her to draw our home, my father’s home, and now my mother’s home. All 3 have been absolutely perfect! If you are looking for a custom piece of art for yourself, or a special one of a kind gift, she is a wonderful choice!
Megan Beddick

My girls just finished the paint n pour summer camp! They loved it! we will do it again!!
Jamie DuBois Pegg

Pam is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. I am in the Rochester Chamber with her and have observed her creativity and approach to various projects. I would recommend Pam as her skills and talent speak volumes coupled with her demeanor.
Sydney Ann Zaremba

I highly recommend Pamela for anyone interested in art, for them and their child. The Artist’s Apprentice has creative ideas and different art classes for you to choose from, so try them out.
K Giselle Beard